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Awaken Your Inner Artist: The Flow of Drawing Hosted by Mick Timpson

27th April 2024 at 9:30am

Join Mick Timpson, architect, artist, teacher, yoga, and meditation coach, as he brings decades of expertise to inspire creative insight, self-activation, and happiness.

This expressive workshop is a transformative journey into flow drawing and mark making, prioritising creative freedom without the burden of performance or success. Through fun and inspiring, guided exercises, the focus is on the creative process, rather than technical skills or output.

In this experience, you’ll:

Discover your unique creative voice.
Prioritise intuition over critical inner dialogue.
Enhance presence and shift habitual attitudes.
Navigate creative blocks to uncover opportunities.
Heighten awareness and fine-tune attention.
Explore drawing for joy and conscious awakening.
Challenge the misconception that creativity is limited to a select few.

Join Mick as he guides participants to discover their authentic inner space, fostering conditions for creativity. The focus is on accepting the moment, embracing unknown potential, and experiencing breakthroughs and joy through conscious action. Open to everyone, regardless of background or experience. All materials are provided.

Tickets £75 + booking fee

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